Financial and Banking

Financial and Banking

How we work in Financial and Banking?
Since its interception, USK CAPITAL has successfully invested in the financial institutions including Chenla Finance Plc., and Mega Fund Limited which is one of the major shareholders of Mega Leasing Plc. in Cambodia.
In addition, USK Capital plays role in investment banking
USK capital invests in a new or fast-growing business or start-up that have the potential for significant returns, even a high risk of loss. Many of small start-ups businesses still need sizable amounts of capital to scale their businesses into meaningful entities. The finance industry in Cambodia is still relatively immature and start-up investment companies, venture funds or early “angel” investors are almost non-existent even there has been a recent growth in private equity firms setting up in Cambodia specifically targeting both foreign and local SMEs but there remains a gap in the market. USK Capital fills in this gap between proven idea and scale by investing in these companies, typically by taking equity stakes when we invest in a company, so we will often take board seats at the company and exert significant influence on how the business operates.

Most borrowers in Cambodia do not provide quality financial statements, thus they force the banks to lend with collateral, such as land, pushing most Cambodian SMEs out of the picture.

As an investment bank USK Capital assists companies in raising investment capital. USK Capital is generally play role as an intermediary but can also be direct investors. USK Capital helps individuals or businesses raise capital. If there is a company wishes to acquire or be acquired by another company in a merger or acquisition, USK Capital will act as the broker in the transaction, assisting the buying and selling company. USK Capital have also helps their clients with raising debt from both local as well as international banks or other lenders. Other times still USK Capital may simply act as a consultant, providing advice to a company on financial matters or possible merger and acquisition opportunities.

USK Capital plays role in Consultancy services
USK Capital assisted local businesses in connection to the well-kwon international investors, developers, and operators such as Hutchison Port Holding (, China Harbour Engineering Company Limited ( and Portcoast Consultant Corporation ( to local business owners and investors.

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